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God is in the details amidst the cycle of growth and creation

Japanese menswear brand TAAKK is pleased to unveil its newest collection for Autumn-Winter 2024.

We are all thinkers –

Pondering the origin of the awe created by God’s immeasurable works
We wonder if all of it is made according to some golden rule?

Taking a step away from design for design’s sake
God’s creations stem from nature’s power and will
Through time and acts of God, the shape grows and comes to be

We were touched by this immense design power
And created the 24SS season with the theme of “God is in the Details”.

Our sentiment has not dwindled any and alas our search continues into the 24AW season
With the theme of

“God is in the details amidst the cycle of growth and creation”

Instead of pushing design for design’s sake
Letting the fabric speak for itself, in whatever way it wishes
A layering of simple things that lead to awe

We use our own hands, striving to attain his perfection
We continue to move forward


Designer Takuya’s passion for this collection is a series of perforated knit embroideries with a cable pattern that looks like a tree trunk. The series is formed entirely by embroidery, using hand-knit low-gauge threads that are threaded through an embroidery machine.While retaining the bold transparency of the skin that can be expressed because of the embroidery, the design creates a familiar sense of security with the cable pattern. Design from textiles with TAAKK’s unique technology of changing the composition of textiles.
In keeping with the characteristics of the fabric, which changes from wool twill to cotton cut jacquard, this season it is transformed into a jacket with a shirt in the center and padding down the sides. It is a minimalist but new expression of clothing. TAAKK’s classic iconic denim. This season, the fabric is frayed from countless joints to create fringes and chemical wash for depth. The entire collection is colored in browns, beiges, and blacks, with a beautifully striking lime green inserted into the overall subdued color palette.

The TAAKK Autumn-Winter 2024 collection will debut virtually starting January 2024, and will be available in select stores worldwide starting June 2024.

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