The 33rd Athens Fashion Week was crowned with absolute success.

by Lavish Staff

Athens Fashion Week dropped the curtain for this season’s presentation that took place at Zappeio Megaron from the 1st until the 4th of November 2023.n Fashion designers, celebrities, top models, journalists from all over the world and prime invitees attended fashions biggest celebration! 

Specifically, the 33rd Athens Fashion Week begun Wednesday 1/11 with fashions house Nikos- Takis setting the tone with his haute couture collection “Illusions”, celebrating in this manner 60 years of Nikos-Takis creations. Present on the catwalk was popular genderless model and social media influencer with ~12 million followers, Elton Illirjani. The celebratory catwalk prologuized mr Alexis Kostalas whilst moving the presence of designer Takis at the show. 

Next in line was fashion designer Irene Angelopoulos. Her new collection carried the scent of a woman who came to capture you. The collection called “Sin of the female gender” exactly as the name implies is a sin born female.

The first day finale was fashion house Kathy Heyndels along with Marios Togos and their collection “Night Drops”. A collection that every article of clothing was as unique as a tear drop. Sexy, playful and airy dresses that are set apart by their variety in colour ranging from dark to light. Silky fabrics that slid off the body like raindrops.

Marios Togos with his slogan “do it for the nights you only had yourself” In his new collection “Night Drops” motivates both young and old to make their dreams a reality just for themselves. This season’s collection combines formal with streetwear and aims to invest in power and confidence. 

The second day of Athens Fashion Week, Thursday 2/11 is dedicated to the upcoming designers as well as the “New Designers Awards by HUAWEI WATCH GT4”. The emerging fashion designers presented their creations in front of the judges hopping to win one of the three award categories Best New Designer, Best Trendsetter και Best Catwalk. Three awards that correspond to three very important prices leading up to their evolution in the fashion industry. Furthermore, this season a new surprise award was announced for the Best Fashion Tech Wearable, inspired by the New Designers Awards sponsor, Huawei and their brand new smartwatch HUAWEI WATCH GT4. 

Honoring the organization with their presence along with their participation as the judging panel were Lakis Gavalas with his long experience in the fashion industry as a co-owner of the brand Temeno, Fashion Editor for Attica Publications (Madame Figaro, Harper’s Bazaar) Katerina Piperi, Fashion Editor for the L’Officiel Italia magazine Giorgia Cantarini, fashion designer, professor and owner of Athens Fashion Club Maria Vitinidou and the Sales Manager for Huawei, George Zarkas. Presenter for the award ceremony was one of the priestesses of fashion and beauty, Tzina Alimonou, in addition we welcomed to the stage the Managing Director of Athens Fashion Week, Tonia Fouseki who commented on the programs importance on top of how Fashion Week has promoted many well established fashion designers. 

Before the award ceremony a special runway took place with looks from all eleven competitors and a creation from each one drawing inspiration from the smartwatch HUAWEI WATCH GT4, whilst the models wore the Fashion Gadget by Huawei paired with their creation.

Winners of the New Designers Awards by HUAWEI WATCH GT4 were selected as follows:

Best New Designer: fashion brand Triamia 

Best Trendsetter: the young designer Ioannis Koulouris

Best Catwalk: fashion brand Galactik Geisha

Best Fashion Tech Wearable: the positive feedback, the excitement and the love people have showed towards this new fashion gadget is tremendous and rightfully so this award was claimed by smartwatch, HUAWEI WATCH GT4, for its Fashion Forward combination of style and technology! The award was presented to mr Petros Drakopoulos, Marketing Director της εταιρείας Huawei. Earlier that day, students from RK FASHION SCHOOL presented their one of a kind creations during the Athens Fashion Week. To be exact, the show started with the first year students from the Fashion Design, Technology and construction course who had to work as a team and responsibly design a sustainable collection in collaboration with PERSIL aiming towards the smallest possible environmental footprint. The theme for the collection is BACK to BLACK and has emblematic rock influences. 

The third day of the 33rd Athens Fashion Week, Friday 3/11, begun with Suzana Peric a designer from Serbia who made a debut at the Athens Fashion Week in front of a Greek audience. The collection “Glam Galaxy” offers a new gleam to women’s suits breaking the conventional rules. Blazers become wearable art, blouses and corsets turn into a second skin that enhances the female power.  “Glam Galaxy” with Suzana Perić is a step forward towards artistic creativity, a place where prestige does not have to be translated. 

Continuing with fashion brand XANA and its presentation of collection “Intriguing Simplicity”. Garments from XANA are created by a lightweight fabric and distinctive by their delicate details, though consisting of colours and patterns created by a smooth mix between basic and modern selections in order to produce timeless and well combined clothes.

Next in line was Cypriot designer Afroditi Hera with her prêt-à-porter collection “Culture Fusion”. Lightweight fabrics meet fine lines in order to create the signature by Afroditi Hera, the ones so versatile that can even turn elegant only by the fastening of two small buttons, transforming the caftan from daywear to an evening Net-A –Porter dress.

The third day finale was by fashion designer Konstantinos Tsigaros. He created the line called “k7 konstantinos tsigaros” focusing on freeing fashion design from gender statements, gravitating towards minimalism, comfort, timelessness and sustainability. The popular genderless model and social media influencer with ~12 million followers, Elton Illirjani, made a catwalk appearance.

On the fourth day of 33rd Athens Fashion Week, Saturday 4/11, started with the creations of Vassilis Zoulias a prêt-à- porter συλλογή s/s ‘24 “Birkin” . Jane Birkin was a legend and a priestess of style during the decades of 60s and 70s that have continuously influenced fashion up until this day. Her unique style, the naughty tomboy with grace, was Vassilis Zoulias inspiration for his collection for  Maison Zoulias S/S ‘24. The fashion show took place at the stunning Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center along the panoramic steps of the lighthouse that transformed into a long spectacular catwalk overlooking the Athenian skyline. 

The shows continued at Zappeio Megaron with fashion brand of luxury jewellery Bold by Angelique whose presentation was “Jewelry. A work of art in progress”. The fashion show begun with an impressive act by two professional dancers who gifted the crowd with a wonderful. Moving on, models covered with bodypainting presented the collection in a unusual way so they could bring out the jewellery. Present on the catwalk was popular genderless model and social media influencer with ~12 million followers, Elton Illirjani.

Following up next was designer Olga Karaververis with the collection “Renaissance”. An avant garde line where history connects with innovation blending timeless elements with revolutionary ideas. Ranging from pieces with strict lines to one of a kind cuts, the designer came up with a harmonic combination of history and fashion, making the past and the present coexist in perfect balance.  

Athens Fashion Week finished with the highly impressive fashion show Temenos by Lakis Gavalas- Fencing. The ones who had the chance to be at Zappeio Megaron saw the genderless collection that listens to the trends and the needs of this era, as well as Lakis Gavalas’ costume made creations all packed in a show full of surprises. The fashion show begun with live performance featuring violoncello whose melody continued to accompany the models throughout the whole show. The highlight of the entire presentation were the six fencing athletes who blended in perfectly with the concept of the show and stayed out on the catwalk for the entire duration of the show.

People’s response to the invite was so big that the organization had to repeat the show a second time for the rest.

The event was covered by the national media in addition to international media. To be specific from the United States the popular site, that covers all Fashion Weeks around the world, L’Officiel Arabia, Elle Serbia, L’Officiel Italia, Pitty Magazine, Office Magazine, Sigma Cyprus and others.

33rd Athens Fashion Week Sponsors: 

Colgate, HUAWEI WATCH GT4, Fashion Design Project by Starbucks: Fashion Design Project by Starbucks is the fashion design contest of Athens Fashion Week, addressed to talented people who wish to make their debut as emerging fashion designers, Syoss, Persil, Demak up, Hondos Center, Version Derma, Starbucks, My Nutri.

33rd Athens Fashion Week Hospitality Sponsors: 

Academias Hotel, AutographCollection. 

Under the auspices and the kind support of: 

Enterprise Greece, Region of Attica.

Under the auspices: 

Greek National Tourism Organization, City of Athens, Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), Athens Traders Association, Marketing Greece, Panhellenic Association of Craftsmen and Knitwear Industries, Association of Retail Businesses. 

Communication Sponsors:


For more information please visit the official website  

 social media pages: FB: axdweek & IG: athensfashionweekofficial

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