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Chris Lavish

New York native Chris Lavish started out in the fashion industry modeling and styling, known for his bold fashion sense and full-body tattoos. He is now Global Digital Director of Fashion Week Online, owner of his own company Chris Lavish LLC, as well as a staple in the front row of all major fashion weeks.


Never Under The Influence. Always Influencing ©

Whether he’s producing, shooting, creating content, or modeling; Chris Lavish is that one influencer who moves to the beat of his own drum. Between his style, charisma, and work ethic brands are doing whatever it takes to collaborate with him.
From Hilton Hotels, GQ Portugal, Roger Dubuis, Essentia Water, Snapchat, and several Fashion Weeks, Chris Lavish takes their dream and brings it to life.

New York based Super Model and Mogul
Company Chris Lavish LLC ©️

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