MASU 2025 Spring Summer

by Lavish Staff

Grayish Tale

Like Ivy creeping over a wall over the years, as time passes, something that grows familiar without us even realising it. Something we can say that is taken for granted. Sometimes, these signify comfort and satisfaction while embodying the ordinary, resonating with the changes of eras and generations. Occasionally, rigid concepts or styles, though rarely, may cause unexpected friction in people’s hearts. For Shinpei Goto, who regards history as a legacy filled with enchanting codes, one of the elements is the “trad” and “Ivy” styles.

M A S U, while embracing the spirit of the times, has continued to explore a radical path alongside MASU BOYS without distorting history, infusing their designs with novel ideas. M A S U’s extraordinary design approach always begins with questioning rigid thoughts, encouraging “people to let go of what they unconsciously cling to”, and integrating contradictions and combinations repeatedly.

The imagination that questions the existing can weave different stories. The Spring/Summer 2025 collection unveiled on Haussmann Boulevard in Paris is filled with straightforward reinterpretations that directly confront traditional and Ivy styles. With his usual light touch, the designer turned his gaze to the ‘style’ like mature ivy and the items and outfits that symbolise them. He unraveled navy blazers, marine stripes, and argyle patterns, not only slicing through clichés but also technically transforming forms with smocking and deforming classics with accordion pleats, liberating concepts effortlessly. This playful collection, shedding the abstraction of style, can be seen as a meeting of familiarity and artistic dressing. Shinpei truly envisions the beginning of another tale.

Collaborations, for M A S U, represent a contemporary approach that unleashes his vision into a broader territory. Since the 1950s, incorporating American culture and permeating Japan with American traditional style, the VAN JAC by Kensuke Ishizu, who led Japanese fashion trends, we paid homage to Ishizu by creating a sweatshirt printed with his portrait in the style of a Beethoven sweatshirt (Great Man Sweatshirt), not only with a paper bag-style clutch but also revolutionizing Japanese fashion and paving the way for the future. Following the 24FW collection, VERDY depicts MASU BOYS CLUB lettering and emblem, along with ivy graphics wrapping around the arm, while memorial pants are adorned with words related to VERDY and designer John, a friend who connected them.

“While the conventional pattern exists and mavericks of the era, who face criticism, emerge, it sparks enthusiasm. Then it eventually becomes mainstream and classic. Japanese fashion has been cultivated in this manner, but I don’t want to passively accept this environment. Without any hesitation, in a Japan that is becoming increasingly classic, I want to continue to speak through the power of MASU BOYS, connecting the grayish attitude to the future of fashion”. As long as MASU BOYS exist, it’s too early to conclude the Ivy story with ‘Happily ever after’.

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