CINQ Collection IV Bridal Collection

by Lavish Staff

CINQ’s Collection IV Inspiration 

The unveiling of collection IV. Behind the gowns, is an aura – an aesthetic – intricately woven with elements of theater, mesmerizing melodies of movie scores, fusions of Shakespearean drama, the suspenseful storytelling of Hitchcock, and the dramatic scores Herman. This synthesis of ideas stirred our minds and set the stage for the vision: A bride stepping onto the stage of their own love story, adorned in a gown that embodies both romance and intrigue. We draw upon avant-garde compositions, reflecting daring use of edgy harmonies and dissonance – fine detail and moments of bravado. Her gown captures the essence of suspense and mystery – layers of intricacy veiled and unveiled along the contours of the body – shifting with every movement life a soft breeze. Her shadow cast beneath the spotlight draws a bold silhouette. Down the aisle, the gown commands attention – and a story unfolds. From delicate lace embellishments reminiscent of ethereal stage sets to daring details that author attention, each piece is crafted to make every bride feel like the leading role of her own narrative. Like the unexpected twists and turns of live theater, our collection is designed to create moments of magic that linger long after the final curtain falls – whether it’s a subtle detail that catches the eye or a dramatic flourish that inspires, our gowns are tailored to infuse our bride’s wedding day with an aura of enchantment. As you explore our selection, you’ll find yourself down to the allure of the stage, where every gown is a story waiting to be shared.

About CINQ

Macye Wysner is the Founder and Creative Director of the Los Angeles based bridal brand, CINQ. Fascinated by the magic and creativity of fashion, it quickly became a sanctuary for Macye. A place to create stories, a place to escape. Once graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Macye submerged herself into the bridal industry working in showrooms, production studios and alongside designers. Determined to create something that was both individual and could stand the test of time, CINQ was born. CINQ embodies heirloom pieces that conjure a sense of history while still feeling modern. It is the place that Macye has created, her new escape, the place for her imagination to run free- and her history to be present.

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