BISHME CROMARTIE Fall/Winter 2024 collection

by Lavish Staff


For my Fall/Winter 2024 collection, I further explored my obsession of mixing Streetwear with
Avant Garde designs. Striking, feminine and bold shapes paired with a variety of coats, edgy
tops, and form-fitting, dramatic gowns. I continued to define what “Street Garde“ is by staying
true to my aesthetic and testing new ideas. I wanted the collection to feel strong, effortlessly
sexy, masculine, and feminine all at the same time. The collection showcases the
Bishme Cromartie woman that is ready for change , constantly on the go

and loves to stand out, no matter where she is.
This season we are entering the Batrix.


A heartfelt gratitude to those who have been the pillars of my journey. To my beloved Mom,
Regina Didley, and my sister Chimère Wall, your unwavering support has been my constant
inspiration. To my Project Runway and Alfred Street Industries family, your collaboration and
mentorship have shaped my path, and to my talented assistant stylists, London Carr and Kuron
Madden, your dedication has elevated my work. Thank you all for believing in me.

Hair by Britt Dion for Aveda

Make-up Design by Michelle Webb for Augment Tokyo using Burn Beauty

Production by VERY New York

Public Relations by Agentry PR

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