FINE CHAOS Unveils the AW24 Collection – “Here, After, Eternity: Netherworld”

by Lavish Staff

Copenhagen, Denmark – FINE CHAOS, the avant-garde fashion brand renowned for its narrative-
driven collections, today unveiled its latest creation, the AW24 Collection titled “Here, After,

Eternity: Netherworld.” This collection continues the compelling story from the previous season, set
in a post-apocalyptic, hyper-futuristic world of 2073.
In this new chapter, the once omnipotent FINE CHAOS is seemingly overthrown, hinting at a
resurgence of democracy. Yet, hidden beneath this façade, “The Netherworld” plan is set in motion,
leading to a captivating blend of digital and physical realities.

The collection stands out with its bold interpretations of this narrative, featuring designs that
symbolize the stark contrasts of the story’s settings. From the desolate streets of the Outerworld to
the secluded opulence of the Dome, and the digital utopia of The Netherworld, each piece
encapsulates the essence of these diverse realms.

“The Netherworld” ushers in a unique fusion of styles, marrying post-apocalyptic elements with
futuristic chic. The garments showcase a rich palette of dark, muted tones, contrasted with bursts of
vibrant colors, reflecting the collection’s theme of despair and hope. Innovative cuts and
asymmetrical designs echo the chaos and order of the new world order depicted in the narrative.
Handcrafted details and upcycled materials underline FINE CHAOS’s commitment to sustainability,
adding depth and texture to the collection. The use of recycled fabrics and unconventional materials
is not just an environmental statement but also a nod to the resourcefulness in the world of “The

“We are thrilled to present the AW24 Collection, a true embodiment of FINE CHAOS’s vision
where fashion and story converge,” said Marc C. Møllerskov, Creative Director. “This collection is
not just about the garments but the story they tell and the world they invite you to explore.”
The AW24 Collection, “Here, After, Eternity: Netherworld,” is more than a fashion statement – it’s
a narrative journey that challenges the conventional, invites exploration, and offers a glimpse into a
future that could be.

Photos: Andrea Brandt

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