SOUCY Anthophilia II SS25 Bridal Collection

by Lavish Staff

SOUCY Anthophilia II Inspiration
Anthophilia II continues my exploration of the language of flowers. This time placing its focus on the
flowers themselves. A careful study of shapes and textures inspired different volumes for the skirts while
remaining true to my respect for workmanship and the movement and flow of fabrics.


SOUCY, named after its visionary founder, Mariela Torres Soucy, in 2000, is a
Bespoke Atelier deeply rooted in a heritage of glamour and unwavering
commitment to the celebration and preservation of true couture artistry.
Located in the heart of New York City, this exclusive by-appointment-only
atelier embodies Mariela’s distinctive vision, which is firmly anchored in the
core values of design, bespoke craftsmanship, and meticulous construction.
Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Mariela Torres Soucy’s journey from her home
in South America to the bustling fashion capital of the world allows her to
seamlessly blend her vibrant heritage with a rich legacy of style and innate
sophistication. The fusion of cultures has enabled Mariela to cultivate a
unique and contemporary approach to couture design.
Step into the world of SOUCY, where dreams are woven into reality, and
where each creation is a testament to the artistry and passion that defines
Mariela Torres Soucy’s remarkable journey in the world of fashion.

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