Rive Roshan

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Rive Roshan presents ‘Illuminated Transitions’, a choreography of light and colour in collaboration with Lumus Instruments.

The Amsterdam-based artists, Rive Roshan invite visitors to experience a moment of calm and contemplative performance amongst the hustle and bustle of Milan Design Week as part of the SOLIDIFIED group exhibition.

Rive Roshan, Illuminated Transitions, a choreography of light in collaboration with Lumus Instruments.

The ‘Illuminated Transitions’ installation features reflective, sculptural art objects by Rive Roshan, in combination with transitioning lights that play with reflection and influence the perception of the space. This installation for Milan Design Week is created in collaboration with Amsterdam-based technological-lighting studio, Lumus Instruments.

Following Rive Roshan’s recent exhibitions in Design Miami in December 2023 and their first Australian solo exhibition earlier this year, Rive Roshan will be creating one of their site-specific manifestations in Milan for the first time.

Select manifestations by Rive Roshan: The Space In Between at Design Miami (courtesy Rademakers Gallery © Paul Barberra), Internal Reflection at Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert (Sydney © Simon Hewson), Shifting Perspectives at Museum JAN (Amstelveen © Eddy Wenting) and Ordinary Miracles at Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven).

“We want to delve into the way that light interacts with our work, how the objects catch light and refract, reflect and project light. The greatest challenge with light is that it is not tangible, it can be quite unpredictable, but it transcends space and time.” says Golnar Roshan, who co-founded Rive Roshan with her partner Ruben de la Rive Box. The artistic installation creates a pure and holistic performative experience for visitors of the show.

Visitors enter through a space, where light dances through reflective panels creating a choreographic experience with light, colour and sound. A theater of light and colour transforms the work into illuminated transitions.

Select editions by Rive Roshan incl. Radiance Panels, Polarity Panels, Space In Between Table, Radiance Coffee Table, Rise Side Table, Rise Cabinet, Voice Vessel, Freedom Vessels (Spin, Whirl and Turn), Colour Shift Panels and (Floor) Lights.

Rive Roshan’s work often explores the passing of time and natural rhythms in nature, and through ‘Illuminated Transitions’ the studio wants to translate these ideas into an encapsulating installation, created with the intention to move people.

This is the first time that Rive Roshan presents their work in a theatrical and performative manner in Milan.

The studio has done many experiments in the past with adding moving light sources and imagery alongside their work, but this is the first time that this interaction becomes a key arrangement in the installation.

Select collaborations of Rive Roshan with Moooi Carpets (Colour Dial and Trichroic Carpets), Gentle Monster, Milten (Transitions From White © Naomi Jamie) and Penn1 New York.

Lumus Instruments brings their light expertise and technology into the process, playing with the movement of light, distance, projection, sound and colour.

We want to take our work to another level, we want the experience to become more encapsulating, we believe that ultimately when you can bring all the senses together in an experience then you are able to connect more deeply with those experiencing the work.” – Ruben de la Rive Box

Rive Roshan: Golnar Roshan & Ruben de la Rive Box © Paul Barbera.

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