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At the start of 2024, CRAVAN 75006, recently opened by Franck Audoux at 165 boulevard Saint- Germain, is partnering with 3.PARADIS and its founder/artistic director, Emeric Tchatchoua.

Through this avant-garde alliance is born the encounter of two distinct but closely related worlds, with craftsmanship as their common thread, coming together to create an exclusive Varsity jacket. CRAVAN, which opened in June 2023 in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, is a protean place of culture where trends and trendsetters intertwine. At CRAVAN, the art of mixology coexists with food, literature, design and cinema.

3.PARADIS is a contemporary ready-to-wear brand led by artistic director Emeric Tchatchoua. Founded in 2013, 3.PARADIS follows the guiding principles of freedom, hope and universalism, inspired by the journey of life. At the heart of this philosophy, the brand employs storytelling through the language of symbols such as the dove, which has become the brand’s distinctive visual signature. Emeric Tchatchoua has regularly immersed himself in the vibrant atmosphere of CRAVAN, cultivating a deep friendship and shared attachment to excellence and refined taste with Franck Audoux.

This collaboration sets out to transcend the boundaries of fashion and the art of hosting, resonating with a new generation of designers. Their shared vision is to take fashion to the next level by introducing the younger generation to Parisian venues with a strong cultural impact. Together, they are embarking on a journey to redefine the intersection of style, innovation and the rich cultural terrain Paris has to offer.

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