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by Lavish Staff

Lilith does not have mundane days. Alone with herself doing household chores, she often plays games aloud. For example:  Talk Show During Sweater Folding. Moss green sweater held up, Lilith says aloud in her American TV voice, “Many people  wonder if they should fold or hang their sweaters. If you’re wondering which way to go, ask yourself— how much did I  pay for this sweater? How often do I wear it? And most importantly: how prone is this material to losing structure from  stretched shoulders?

Fa#ma Farheen Mirza, “Confessions of Lilith”

What is in that grey, hazy space between memory and  forgetting? Where is the border between feeling and  thinking? When is the distance between our inner and  outer realms of experience stretched too far? 

Continuing the journey of Completedworks,  Autumn/Winter 2024 proposes smooth elongated  silhouettes losing themselves in enfolding flows of  volume. Across earrings, necklaces and rings, strong  lines taking centre stage as they interweave and  circumvent tradition motifs. Pearls envelop and  submerge form, reducing established codes to the  shadows. Surfaces start with the timeless roundness of  sculpture before giving way to a quotidian, feminine  radicalism. The collection shifts to a muted palette to  imagine a uniting tone, elevated by enlivening shades of  green and jolts of vibrant pink. 

Further expanding the context of jewellery, for this  season’s show, creative director Anna Jewsbury  commissioned an original work by author Fatima  Farheen Mirza. “Confessions of Lilith” is a monologue  set to be performed by Joanna Lumley. 

“We liked the idea of a monologue as an alternative to a  traditional fashion show, something that weaved in the  energy of a live performance. We hoped to create  something people can assemble their experiences  around. We wanted it to investigate something personal  but also be open to elements of the collective  experience that are unknown and unknowable.” 

Anna Jewsbury 

“Writing a monologue which was inspired by the tone and  energy and sculptural pieces of Completedworks was  such a fun challenge that both stretched and surprised  me and it will be a dream to have it performed.” 

-Fatima Farheen Mirza 


Following last season’s launch of handbags, the brand introduces a new series of bags constructed of a  specially sourced deadstock leather that speaks to  

Completedworks’ commitment to sustainable design. Light and elegant, the new bags anchor restraint of form  with dramatic handles and straps that playfully animate  the silhouette. In the signature bag, bows cut in the  method of origami proliferate along the strap, dissolving  the boundaries between the abstract and the timeless. The colour scheme is expanded to sand and light olive  green, complementing the traditional use of black and  white. 


Unconscious gestures infuse the season’s homeware.  Following the language and imagined expressions of the  protagonist in Fatima Farheen Mirza’s writing, wine  glasses, tumblers and carafes lean and slump  incredulously as if in rhythm to the numbness of routine  – and in final anticipation of the individual’s unwavering  spirt and ability to overcome the humdrumness of it all. 


Lilith: Joanna Lumley 

Writer: Fatima Farheen Mirza 

Director: Raffi Chipperfield 

Producer: Gala Gordon 

Art Direction: Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki Styling: Aimée Croysdill 

Casting: Rosie Vogel 

Set Design & Build: Cassandra Adjei 

Set Crew: Mike Parish, Oliver Isaac 

Lighting: Craig Teunissen 

Sound: Harry J.N. Parsons 

Make up: Mel Arter 

Hair: Kei Terada 

Moving Image: Household Pictures 

BTS Videographer: Maria Gorodeckaya 

Photography: Genevieve Lutkin 


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