SYSTEM FALL WINTER 24-25 ‘Portrait of Uncertainty’

by Lavish Staff

The collection draws inspiration from the life and work of the British artist Gluck (Hannah Gluckstein), particularly her portrait by Romaine Brooks. The portrait exudes a sense of masculinity and simplicity, yet it also carries an emotional depth and a touch of femininity portrayed with delicacy. Gluck herself challenged conventional gender norms and titles by adopting gender-neutral identity and breaking fashion boundaries by sporting a short haircut and tailored suits. These conflicts between outward visuals and inner emotions are central to the collection, where the brand embraces the juxtaposition of solidity and softness, roughness and subtlety, the ordinary and the sublime.

With this inspiration, the mission of the collection is to defy gender stereotypes and offer a fresh take on traditional clothing, with the belief that regardless of gender everyone should by confident and empowered in their clothing choices, regardless of societal expectations. SYSTEM utilizes innovative tailoring techniques and unique design elements to subvert and twist classic features to transform ordinary items into stylish and edgy pieces. To highlight the inherent femininity and masculinity of neutral items, the brand experiments with structural silhouettes and geometric details.

SYSTEM is collaborating with the world-renowned British photographer David Sim for the second time and the collaboration campaign photos will be pre-released during the Paris Fashion Week.

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