Riding Into A Cleaner Future

by Lavish Staff

We got to sit down with the ALTO team and talk about the future of RIDESHARE apps and learned alot about the future of how people will travel.

If you were looking to ride into a safer , cleaner and consistent future then Alto Ride app might just be the answer. This up and coming rideshare app that was founded in 2018 and launched in 2019 has been taking over social media by storm. Some of their VIPs include Helen Owen, Sophia Amoruso, Sweats and the City (Elizabeth Endres and Dale Borchiver), Udonis Haslem, and more to come. With their clean, aesthetic cars and influencer blitz marketing it is hard to say you haven’t seen one of these if you’re in LA , Houston, DC or Miami. In 2021 they grew 700% and continue to expand. We sat down with the Alto team and this is what they had to say

Q: How did the idea of Alto come about?

● Alto exists to create remarkable journeys. The journey began with a mission to provide safe, clean, and consistent rides at your fingertips through an app. While other rideshare platforms rely on independent contractors as drivers, Alto provides an elevated rideshare experience. All of our drivers are W-2 employees that undergo background checks, hands-on training, and performance management. Safe, clean, and consistent rides are provided by professionally trained employee drivers. Alto’s branded fleet of luxury vehicles guarantees a 10-15 minute pick up window every time. When you ride with Alto, you’re stepping into your own personal mobility experience.

Q: What are the key components of the app?

●  Through the app, you are able to manage your profile, Membership status, rides, deliveries, and our “Vibes.” Our in-app Vibes feature includes curated playlists – like Sanctuary, Liftoff, and Quest – to name a few to set the vibe for your journey. If you want a quiet ride, you can always put on the “Do Not Disturb” button in the app.

●  Customers can ride with Alto as a guest or as a Member. Alto Members save up to 30% off each ride and have access to our fleet during peak times (how we avoid surge pricing!)How does this app differentiate from others?

● You’ll find that the Alto app is easy to navigate and similar to other rideshares. When you head to book your ride, you’ll receive information about your driver including name, a photo, a short bio about your driver, and vaccination status. You will also receive the make, model, color, and license plate of your Alto-branded vehicle. There is also an “Identify Vehicle” button in the app – when you press this button, the front grille of your Alto will illuminate. These features, along with the app’s tracking of your position and status (and the in-car camera), create a safe, comfortable, and hospitable ride.

Q: How are your drivers different from other rideshare apps?

● Our drivers are classified as W-2 employees. We never use independent contractors! Our drivers undergo background checks, complete a driver training program, and are uniformed. They are paid hourly, receive health care and other worker benefits, and have access to paid time off. Certified drivers help keep customers satisfied.

Q: How do you keep such high safety protocols on all cars at low cost?

● Unlike other rideshare apps, we operate and manage our own fleet. Our drivers are classified as employees and are performance managed. Alto’s differentiated business model allows us to control fleet operations and enforce high safety protocols, creating a consistent experience.

What would your price point be compared to others in the market?
● Our rides are similarly priced to Uber XL and about 30 percent less than Uber Black.

Q: How did the name ALTO come about?

● In Latin, “alto” means raise or elevate. Alto was created to bring an elevated rideshare experience and our values are safety, cleanliness, and consistency. We believe these principles should be the top priority in the ridesharing industry and we’re proud to be a part of building a better industry.

Q: What cities are you currently in, and plan to open during 2022?

● We currently operate in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and DC. We are planning to launch in a new market in February 2022 and then at least 3-5 more markets this year.

Any collaborations or projects you would like the audience to know?

● We recently announced that we will transition our fleet to electric vehicles by the end of 2023. Read our EV vision at ridealto.com/ev.

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