The Card For The Fashionistas

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“ The Card for the Fashionista “ 

Jonny Vu is the CEO and Founder of the premier custom metal credit card company, Lion Card. Based in Silicon Valley, California.  Jonny’s mission is to convert your boring plastic credit card into a fashion statement that will make you stand out amongst the rest. The Lion Card provides an upscale experience that makes you proud to carry around and show off your style similar to a luxury handbag. The cards aren’t only unique looking but in addition have a feel of a rich, luscious and exuberant lifestyle taste to them. They come in many different styles, in addition to uploading your own design directly onto the card. 

How did you first come up with the idea for making metal cards?

The road to creating our custom metal cards was quite a journey. When I received an invitation for a Visa Black Card in the mail during 2015 and held the physical card in my hand for the first time, I was very intrigued. Whenever I would use the Black Card in person, everyone had a shocked reaction and would ask, “Hey, are you rich?”.

I began researching more on metal credit cards after this initial experience. There were several companies offering custom metal credit cards and custom metal business cards, but no one was able to offer a fully functional metal credit card where both the magnetic strip and EMV chip were functional.

Coming from an engineering background, I performed surgery on over 50 credit cards and EMV chips to fully understand the technology behind it. After 2 months and a badly damaged kitchen table, I came up with a technology to successfully remove the functional EMV chip without any damage. That was the “OH YEAAH!” moment and how Lion Card was born.

What initial setbacks did you encounter when starting?

In the early days, developing trust among potential customers was the main setback. People didn’t feel comfortable sending in their credit cards to a company that just launched. However, after working with many celebrities and influencers, we were able to build that trust and confidence within the community.

What has been a key moment in the progress of the company?

A pivotal moment for us was expanding to a kiosk at the Westfield Valley Fair mall in Santa Clara, CA during October 2016. We had the opportunity to meet many new customers in person and further showcase our custom metal cards and the technology behind it.

After moving to our new 2,250 sq ft office building during the summer of 2020, we were able to reach brand new milestones and scale our operations to the next level.

What do you think has set you apart from the rest of this industry?

Most other companies that offer premium credit cards require customers to have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars, and membership has typically been extremely selective. In comparison, we are able to offer fully custom metal credit cards starting at only $99, allowing such cards to be available to a much wider audience. Our cards are the heaviest on the market, weighing in at 27 grams.

Any custom logo or design can be engraved onto the metal card, providing creative freedom to the consumer.

We are also the very first company to transplant a functional EMV chip from a plastic debit or credit card onto a metal one. We have also patented that technology since July 2019.

Where do you see your inspiration coming from to keep innovating?

My drive, passion, and love for credit cards is what allows me to innovate within the industry. I am always conducting market research and seeking new ways to further provide consumers the ability to customize and obtain their dream cards. At the current speed of technology, anything is possible. The constant goal is to improve upon my craft, continue pushing boundaries, and bring new designs to life.

Who would you say was the biggest cosign you received?

Our first major celebrity client was Ben Baller in 2018. He reached out to us through social media to obtain a personalized metal credit card. He came to visit us at the Lion Card lab where we made him his first metal card. He loved it so much that he created an Instagram post & story about our card, which put us on the map and provided tons of new exposure towards our business. We received over 100 emails / direct messages, and 50 phone calls on the same day of his post. We were initially overwhelmed by the influx of customers, but extremely appreciative at the same time.

Since then, we have received additional cosigns from big artists and influencers such as DJ Mustard, Johnny Dang, Lior Suchard, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Kinsey Wolanski, Hooman Nouri, and Cody Walker to name a few.

Are there any future projects we should be on look for in the near future?

We currently have a brand new Multi-functional Card that is gearing up for release soon. This will be one of our most exciting and innovative additions to date. The card includes all of the following functions built into it: inch ruler, bottle opener, direction recognition, screwdriver, peeler, can opener, and rope cutter.

We also have two additional new projects that will be announced towards the end of 2021, which will remain a secret for now. Be sure to follow along with our Instagram & TikTok accounts at @lioncreditcard to see the latest product announcements from us.

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