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For the AW24 Studio collection, the team’s been reflecting on therapy and the things we do to catch a break.

During a dream scenario brainstorm with the studio, someone suggested ‘Daily Therapy Session’ on a post-it note and it stuck with Henrik.
We asked amongst ourselves: What’s your daily therapy session? Is it conscious or is it a tic? Is it mindful or is it an escape? The world seems very fragile at the moment and people keep looking into different ways of handling it on an individual level.

From there the theme developed by looking into the escape into digital gaming, relaxing with analogue board games, weird therapy with horses or light therapy glasses in morning

The silhouettes this season arose from paper collages, playing with negative space, trying to show the theme through exaggerated contrasts. The result is a mixture of warped and in some ways excessive shapes, like shoulders so large they fold backwards and attach in the back and amplified elbows and knees. Light seethrough styles stand in contrast to heavy woven jacquards and the colors are mellow and deep. The artworks were inspired by game- and horse therapy both using literal graphics from the world of gaming as well as more subtle prints playing with contrasts through deconstructed lights and shadows of flowers and birds.

All fabric has been changed and elevated within their means to be recycled or organic. For the AW24 Studio collection, 82,36% of our garments consist of certified fabrics, and Henrik Vibskov strives to increase this number for the coming seasons. Certifications include GOTS Organic, GOTS Made with Organic, GRS Global Recycled Standard and nontoxic dyes and prints.

The installation is trying to create a dreamlike universe of chewy structure and rhythm that invites you for a moment of healing inspired by Henrik Vibskov’s own personal daily therapy fix – namely chewing gum. From a surreal row of doors on the Vibs therapy floor, performers pull exaggerated pink textile gum strings into soft horizontal pillars that the models have to maneuver their way around in a game-like manner.

The performers are wearing costumes designed for the upcoming Hotel Pro Forma theater piece, Flammenwerfer, that will be premiering at Malmö Live Concert Hall on March 8th 2024 with costumes and set design by Henrik Vibskov.

It’s the dead of winter and we’re in for a bit of treatment. Choose your therapy.

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