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by Lavish Staff

Magda Butrym is proud to announce the launch of her latest collection for Spring/Summer 2024, titled “Slavic Chic.”

 Drawing inspiration primarily from ancient Slavic influences and goddesses, “Slavic Chic” bridges the past and present. The collection eloquently merges age-old Slavic craftsmanship – evident in lace, crochet, and knitwear details – with modern sensibilities, reflecting the elegance of today’s woman. Echoes of vintage Polish interiors are reimagined, seamlessly weaving history into the fabric of every piece.

Central to “Slavic Chic” is the embodiment of purity and luminescence akin to a goddess’s. This is manifested in the collection’s soft, white palette, reminiscent of untouched canvas. Subtle, cloudy neutrals complemented by stark black, cream, and mushroom brown are accentuated by vibrant pops of red and baby blue, encapsulating a diverse and evocative colour story.

 As a nod to its brand’s heritage, the iconic rose symbol finds its way into the collection in various forms, be it delicate prints, meticulous embellishments, or intricate 3D renditions, continuing its legacy as a touchstone of the brand’s essence.

The collection champions femininity, with emphasis on the hips, showcased in bell-shaped dresses and cinched-waist leather coats. Its silhouettes are fluid, creating an ensemble that’s both distinctive and effortlessly wearable. A notable lightness permeates the collection, thanks to airy cotton poplin dresses and innovative tailoring in stretchy jersey wool.

 “Slavic Chic” portrays a romantic yet formidable woman, with garments exuding a daytime allure, crafted in tactile cupro and artisanal wools. At the heart of this collection is the collaboration with Heven, led by Breanna Box & Peter Dupont. Breanna remarks, “We have worked with a female flame worker on this project whilst designing with Magda from afar. We wanted to make the roses wet, as if after the rain. We resonate with roses as Magda does; it’s reminiscent of growing up in a flower shop, always surrounded by the fierce beauty that reminds you to handle with care after pricking you with a thorn.”

 This sentiment gave rise to “The Glass Dress” — a gossamer mousseline marvel adorned with a dew-kissed glass rose, bridging Heven’s craftsmanship with the symbolic resonance of the rose.

 In the words of Magda Butrym: Slavic Chic is more than just fashion; it’s a narrative of dreams, simplicity, and authenticity. It’s our heritage reborn in modern form.” 

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