Floral Renaissance with Elie Saab at Paris Fashion Week

by Lavish Staff


Like an untamed flower, the ELIE SAAB woman is radiant, fierce and free. Her fearless spirit and pronounced feminine essence come alive in ELIE SAAB Ready-to-wear FW23/24. Overflowing with bold blossoms in brilliant revelries of life and luminosity, the collection is inspired by the opulent bouquets of the Renaissance.

Varied interpretations of romantic floral motifs in broody tones and plush textures revive more traditional expressions, bringing them into the vibrancy of the contemporary. Dark and muted prints in tones of Deep Ruby and Midnight Forest with vibrant bright strokes of Citrine add contrast, depth and dramatic movement to tailored silhouettes. Traces of burgeoning hydrangeas are monochromatically embroidered across canvases of Moonflower white cotton blouses and flared pants. Large petals in macramé weave into black halter dresses with playful flirts of transparency. In the same whimsical breath, delicate sheer lace passionately vines across coats and skirts with matching jackets. Sumptuous puffer jackets in flowering bouquets and in black with wispy feather details bring fun balance to more sophisticated lines.

The overthrows carry the ELIE SAAB woman through the day and into the evening, where she enlightens the darker hours. Intricate 3-D florets burst out of glistening sequins and tulle, moving across halter-necklines and down sheer mermaid gowns. Illuminations and elaborate bead embroideries give subtle crystal sheen to V-neckline dresses and strapless gowns made of plush velvet and agile crepe. Fine silk hooded capes add a light layer of poise and grandeur. Powerful New Red and Citrine taffeta drape and fan across the waistlines of short cocktail dresses and jumpsuits, and into billowing gowns with elaborate shoulder-lines. Soft felt fedoras – meticulously created with master Italian hatmaker, Borsalino – gently enhance budding embellishments on short wool coats. Clutch chain bags collaged in overlapping leather flowers and ELIE SAAB monogramed-encrusted stiletto and plexi heels add a final stroke of splendor.

A Floral Renaissance, the Ready-to-wear FW23/24 collection is an embodied expression of magnificence and light, and every painted blossom is a celebration of the ELIE SAAB woman’s perpetual grace.

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