Faith Connexion at Paris Fashion Week 2023

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A creative tribe with a diversity of inspirations, Faith Connexion has always had a flair for capturing the authenticity of the streets and mixing it irreverently with a strong dose of old-school French savoir-faire.

This season, remaining true to its core, the brand celebrates effortless elegance. Since its very beginning, it has been synonymous with youthfulness and a sense of ease. This collection promises to be no exception with a well curated range of outfits that exude confidence and carefree spirit and makes every piece feel like a natural part of one’s wardrobe.

It takes us on a journey with a cast of faces strolling the streets of cities worldwide, from parties to concerts to music festivals and encapsulates the very essence of youthful exuberance.

In this collection, Faith Connexion unveils a captivating array of see-through fabrics and transparency. A group of body-hugging dresses comes in various shades of pastel colors, exuding confidence and independence.
Showcasing a mix-and-match of fabrics, and sportswear-inspired elements, the collection bursts with a palette of colors evoking the nostalgia of carefree summer days.

Embroidered belts make a bold statement throughout the collection, with double belts adorning pants, while metal mesh dresses combined with unexpected fabrics like lace and tulle create a striking contrast. Technical fabrics, including shiny nylon, lend a sporty edge to the genderless designs.

As tweed gets a feminine makeover, gracing very short shorts, small bralettes, and short skirts, the collection includes wardrobe staples like simple tee-shirts and tank tops in « voile de coton », the ones everybody wants in its wardrobe. Among the collection’s highlights are a long jean skirt and a denim bermuda, both exquisitely embroidered in India.

The juxtaposition of a lace top, casually paired with a military-style embroidered belt layered over a pair of jeans, seemingly thrown together with ease, encapsulates the very essence of this collection, as if the model effortlessly grabbed whatever was at hand before leaving the house.

Freedom is at the heart of this collection with a « pieds nus dans ses baskets » ( barefoot in sneakers) vibe that captures the essence of summer.

Faith Connexion’s SS24 collection is a celebration of individuality, confidence, and the joy of dressing without constraints.


The collaboration with Fannie Schiavoni transforms iconic pieces true to her own DNA into a mix-and-match extravaganza, blending mesh metal with lace and tulle.
The partnership with RVDK seamlessly blends fishnet and lace to push the boundaries of sensuality.

KRIBA come back with a 3rd collaboration that mixes edgy glamour references with androgyne classic corsetry.
The collaboration with Baobab goes from seashores to sidewalks blending elegantly the brands DNA


Fannie Shiavoni is a London based womenswear label established in 2009. Born in Sweden, Fannie moved to London to study tailoring at London College of Fashion. Her background in tailoring and use of traditional methods of handcraft has helped develop a unique approach to the design of her chainmail signature dresses, which are all handmade by the FANNIE SCHIAVONI atelier team. Revered globally by press and buyers alike, her designs have also been embraced by high profile artists including Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Dua Lipa, Mariah Carey and Katy Perry to name a few.

Doing the most while wearing the least ! BAOBAB is a sustainability oriented brand from Colombia that specializes in designing statement swimwear and resort wear in signature asymmetrical cuts and bold silhouettes while striving towards becoming a zero waste brand. Through using magical landscapes around the globe as inspiration for designs, Baobab is able to speak through the uniqueness, boldness, sexiness, and asymmetry found in their designs.


Ronald van der Kemp worked internationally for over 25 years as designer and creative director for high-end international luxury brands before launching his own brand RVDK. Since 2014 RVDK is on a mission to reinvent the notion of a couture house, exploring creativity and playfulness with a feeling of nostalgia and a longing for the heydays of couture. RVDK Ronald van der Kemp is the world’s first sustainable couture brand, recognized by the fédération de la haute couture et de la mode in Paris.

Kristell Bannier started her first corset collection in 2021 under the name of KRIBA. KRIBA’s essence it’s to adapt the historical garment in actual corset.She uses menswear wardrobe details mixing with 70s bikers elements to explore the diverse language of the corset.

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