Elie Saab Resort 2024

by Lavish Staff


The ELIE SAAB woman gracefully glides in the image of collection inspiration and original swan Marella Agnelli and the spirit of the Mediterranean. She is strong, poise and majestic, effortlessly creating herself in the ELIE SAAB RESORT 2024 collection. Muted jewel tones, crisp silhouettes and diverse textures come together in three distinct moods that move through demure galas, urban garden parties and the cosmopolitan jet set. 

Warm metallic yarn-embroidered party rompers and beaded strapless midi dresses are illuminating. Moonshadow white crepe peplum tops and jackets bring a touch of playful feminine volume to more fitted contours. Midnight black jersey drapes into long dresses with high defined slits and scalloped plunging necklines finely outlined in glistening chain. Minimalist lines are emboldened in vibrant bursts of red tweed and Denver green crepe. 

The ELIE SAAB woman seamlessly dances through each tableau with refined ease. Fog and powder white knit into a radiant striped dress with short bishop sleeves. Gradient monogram embroideries petal across the skirts of pastel halter gowns and across the necklines of white shirt kaftans. Platform mules in colored satin and wood elongate each silhouette to emphasize sophisticated bearing, while plexiglass minaudières in translucent tones add a breath of contemporary flare. 

Confident in prints and subdued splashes of color, all her outfits exude a natural elegance. Lush greens, aquamarines and purple crush drape and pleat into quintessential ELIE SAAB silk robes and gradient tailored pant suits, with delicate monogram brooch accents. Fresh oversized floral prints blossom into large billowing cotton capes with matching flowered shorts and crop tops. A collection-defining pale rose ombré silk kaftan emphasizes effortless movement. 

The ELIE SAAB woman elusively drifts through the ELIE SAAB RESORT 2024 collection like a swan. Airy in movement and profound in mystique, she is the striking expression of a soft glamour. 

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