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At.Kollektive returns for a fourth season with a collection of fresh, ultra-covetable leather footwear, accessories and garments designed by Kiko Kostadinov, Peter Do and Nina Christen

At.Kollektive season four arrives with a collection in leather designed by three guest designers – a trio of rising-star brands who share our belief that fashion is about innovation, pushing boundaries and questioning conventions. Each of the three contributors returns for a second season: Kiko Kostadinov, Peter Do and Nina Christen.

Kiko Kostadinov’s collection has been designed by the London brand’s womenswear directors, the twin sister duo Laura and Deanna Fanning. Their collection is a conversation between ancient and the futuristic, sparked by the sisters’ visit to our tanneries – seeing first-hand the leather innovation and precision technology. That futurism is evident in the focus on curvilinear lines and seemingly ‘space age’ shapes that create a soft and enveloping sole design in their Jemison shoe. Pieces shares a sci-fi fantasy, almost spacey feel – co-existing with a practical undercurrent of utilitarianism.

Peter Do hones and sharpens unisex pieces he introduced last season – including his brand’s first ever sneaker, the hardworking Hybrid, designed to carry the wearer throughout the day: from gym to office, drinks and whatever follows. A new iteration of the sneaker is made using a leather technique that mimics folds and creases in the leather, adding texture and interest. Peter also adds a ballerina and a loafer to the Hybrid line.

Meanwhile, in her second collection for At.Kollektive, the fashion industry’s go-to for instantly iconic shoes, Nina Christen, introduces the knock-out Boxing Boot, an ultra-soft silky nappa leather boot inspired by the sport. Once again, the three began their design process at leather workshops inside the tannery in Holland owned and operated by At.Kollektive’s parent company ECCO. Supported by the global giant’s leather innovation and development, the designers’ creativity is given free rein.

For ECCO’s CEO Panos Mytaros, the beauty of At.Kollektive is seeing the designers’ relationship with leather deepen as they learn, play and experiment. “It’s the second collection for all the contributors this season, and you can see the inspiration they get from what we can do in the tanneries – the colour options and finishes of the leather. This calibre of innovation spurs designers’ vision, resulting in truly unique pieces.”

Previous guest contributors to At.Kollektive include former Chloé creative director and current ECCO creative partner Natacha Ramsay-Levi, accessories designer Isaac Reina, Bianca Saunders and Kostas Murkudis.

The collection, priced between $245 and $2,170, will be revealed during Paris Fashion Week in January 18-25 2024. It will be available online at, and in select stores internationally.

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