Fashion Week Vs. Fashion Reality

Based On A True Fashion Week Story

“ Fashion week is a stage for revolutions of style and of ideas. Fashion week is an opportunity for designers to encourage us to imagine the world as it could be -- not just how it is -- while responding to what's happening on the streets. It's a dialogue between art, commerce, and people. If you want to know what's happening in politics or culture, watch what happens on those twice-yearly catwalks.”

- Pablo Starr ⭐️

Owner of FWO

" NYFW is currently filled with a slew of momentary showmen with no real fashion identity or consistency. Professionals mixed in with posers, over inundated with watered down versions of what once was. Brands now opting for more fashion copy cat retail showings then actual brand identity. This is where fashion week goes to die. Paris leaps and bounds ahead of the fray, has maintained the gold standard. If this were the Olympics the gold would probably remain at Chanel. I mean, where do you go after a rocket ship?!?After all, the fashion show is to inspire and whether or not being in the black is the objective; the mood needn't match the tally."


Fashion Journalist for Elle Mag

" You can immediately tell the difference between people who are there to see the clothes and people who are just there to be seen themselves. For those who work in the fashion industry (editors, stylists, buyers)Fashion Week is stressful - like any extremely busy day at the office, but with more models. Of course it's also exciting and a great time to network, but some "influencers" and attendees see fashion week as more of a social event, which, at its core, it's not. So yeah, it can get a little annoying when people act like fashion week is just one big party - many of us are working! On no sleep! "

- @luxerubbish

Managing Editor, guest of a guest

" Fashion week is a mashup of industry editors+ bloggers + posers. In the grand scheme of things it all seems to balance out visually. But you can always tell the industry movers that are excited and passionate about what they see - they are serious with their noses in the phone. They genuinely do the work and you don't see them at every party. The posers are dressed for attention hoping to get photographed by wearing outrageous outfits or claiming they are celebrity stylists (you know who you are). They are also taking selfies and put their phone in front of your face. They are usually busy taking selfies and often I have to tell them to get their legs and bags out of my way.

The rediculousness comes from the new ninja style 'photographers' that take pictures of the wannabes - that have great gadgets but no affiliation. Where do all these pics go? The best laugh for me is the sudden omg how are you I get from strangers that suddenly come by my side to appear legitimate. That pisses me off - fair weather fashion week friend. "

@brigitte_segura Fashion Consultant / Editor at FashionDailyMag

" Fashion Week vs. Fashion Reality Those of us embedded in the industry live and breathe eclectic outfits daily. For fashion kids, getting dressed means adhering to your particular mood that day and feeling confident in being different. Fashion week is a opportunity for designers to showcase their passions, hard work, feelings, and expressions over the past 1/2 year or year. When taken seriously, showing your brand in the right way can be super lucrative. Not to be confused with hype or faux influence, fashion week is fashion reality on adrenaline ."

Taylor Ryerson

Gucci Corporate

" My unfiltered/ Raw thoughts on Fashion Reality is a bit torn! Seeing as I'm ALWAYS behind the scene I know all the work that has to be put in to have the outstanding outcome that the world gets to see (Fashion week). I feel like most people that don't do BTS work won't ever understand the blood, sweat, and tear the BTS fashion reality creatives out in to. I know everyone has their own aspect and perceptions of fashion week I just feel like maybe it's a little easier for the people that are invited to the "entertainment" (reveal) aspect of it! Working in the industry I always felt like I wanted a balance to get to see both sides of the spectrum ( I have yet to actually experience)! I know my time will come and I'll get to see what we live for!!! (The full experience of outcomes) People who live and breath fashion daily are the perfect example of the BTS creatives I know there's ALOT of people that understand our perception but I don't think they will EVER truly know what it's like to be a creator! I feel like most influencers have the perfect base they get to dibble dabble in a little but of everything with out having to actually put in the Real work? (I'm currently trying to develop a influencer lifestyle to fully understand my theory so don't quote me just yet) ☺️! From the inside looking out who wouldn't want to "be on the scene" I feel the Fashion week PR teams do their due diligence to find the perfect crowd of viewers and or influencers to attend each event. At time I do feel some aspects of the influencers are a bit hyped up or disillusioned when it comes attend certain events.I just feel like one needs a true balance to fully understand the industry/ fashion world rather than just get what it has to offer! (I mean this in every aspect) "

- Angel Sheffey

Editorial and commercial wardrobe stylist assistant for Albright Fashion

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